What size Quarterturn button do I have? Refer to our installation page

What size Quarterturn button do I need?  The diameter size will vary according to application and the amount of room you have to work with.  The 7/16" button works best for most applications.

What length button do I need? Refer to our installation page

Should I use steel or aluminum buttons?  This will vary by application.  The steel buttons are a bit heavier, but stronger and less expensive. 

What about spring length 1" or 1-3/8"? The amount of room you have to work with will determine this.  Typically, the 5/16 buttons will use the 1" springs and the 7/16" buttons will use the 1-3/8" springs.

Do I need to use a weld plate?  This will depend on what you are fastening.  If you are fastening two panels together, a weld plate will not be necessary.  If you need to mount a panel to a piece of square tubing, then you will need to weld a back plate to the square tubing to be able to attach the QuarterTurn spring.


QuarterTurn button: A quick turn fastener designed to attach panels together.

Self-ejecting button: A self contained button that will not fall out of attached panel when removed.  These are very convenient, but more expensive than the regular buttons.

QuarterTurn spring: The spring attaches to the bottom panel or weld plate.  The QuarterTurn button locks to this.

Weld Plate / Backing plate: The QuarterTurn spring attaches to this.  A weld plate is used when attaching a panel to square tubing etc.  Depending on application, the weld plate may or may not be needed.